Pillow Mask

  • Advantages: most compact, easy to wear, easy to air-tight.
  • Disadvantages: stuffing into the nose can tickle the nose, and the feeling of air force will be stronger.
  • Suitable: people who like aesthetics, are prone to facial allergies, and often sleep on their side.

Nasal Mask

  • Advantages: firm, easy to air tight, gas evenly dispersed, feeling the light force of the air.
  • Disadvantages: Bigger and more complicated than the Pillow mask.
  • Suitable: The majority of users, do not have facial allergies.

Fullface Mask

  • Advantages: Air is dispersed evenly, minimizing dry mouth.
  • Disadvantages: Biggest, hard to wear airtight.
  • Suitable: People usually breathe through their mouth.